Rand Paul is Correct

Our governments’ response to terrorists:
If you can’t beat them, join them (e.g. act like them). There’s nothing like visceral, servile fear to quell a public that’s angered by their abuse at the hands of their own government.
Militarization of police is a precaution to massive uprisings (if not revolution) that current policies inevitably engender. These aren’t my thoughts


Insistence Upon Persistence

This was originally a response to seemingly disheartened sociologist/historian. Yet, I believe it could apply to many others. Also, a segueway could bloody well be construed from my last post. To wit:
Multiculturalism run a muck is the reason. Barbaric, misogynistic, homophobic  cultures like Islam vehemently deny the worth of anything out of step with sharia or e.g. as prescribed in the quran or hadiths. Art, math, science are only tolerated as far as they don’t conflict with Islamic ideology. This has been a trend in western society as multicultural dogma has gained ascent in the last 30 years.
Your work is invaluable to future generations. The tide will turn. Copernicus fought his battles. It’s your turn now. Future historians are counting on you. If not you,then who? If not now, then when?
Your candle will become a lantern for our children. That lantern will become a beacon for theirs and lighthouse for yet their children.
Persistence & tenacity are the order for today. We shan’t allow our heritage to succumb to political whim or superstitious ideology.”

Robin Remembered

Robin Williams has died in art (a movie). Recently, he died in real life. More often than not, art imitates life. Was it vaguely prophetic or ironic in his case?

(PLEASE Note: I lean agnostic on nonscientific speculation. Your guess is as good as mine. This is just a mythological extrapolation of ideas borne out in one of Mr. Williams’ cinematic portrayals.)

What I wish were true
What I wish were true

In “WHAT DREAMS MAY COME” (1998), he left heaven to rescue his wife. His wife had plunged herself into hell. She was so distraught over the loss of her family that she committed suicide.
It was her mental state that sealed her fate. Upon death, Annie’s mind (soul) literally created a hellish world. A vicious cycle of gloom & doom – having been internal – became an external, altered reality.
How strange it is then, that a man, who lived to bring mirth to others, embraced death – only bringing misery for himself into whatever lies beyond.
How harrowing it might well be for such a dear man if, in fact, life imitates art.
If you can’t forgive yourself, if you can’t love yourself, then not even a God can or will change your mind. Thus, it grieves me that a great person should settle for so much less.
He attempted to win by losing his pain. Yet, as he so famously said in the aforementioned movie: “Sometimes when you win, you lose“.
A part of our hearts was lost with Robin Williams. He is loved & will be missed. If only he knew.
Don’t miss the opportunity to tell those whom you love that you do. Carpe Diem…Seize the moment! For it shan’t come again.

Marriage Equality

BS Marriage 01
Brothers should be allowed to marry their sisters. Religious edicts shouldn’t be the law of the land. Risks of genetic defects are “statistically insignificant”, “negligible”, & “more akin to chance” according to several recent studies. Those who insist on old taboos & the lies that perpetuate them have minds so full of prejudice that retain no space for reason.
Love doesn’t discriminate.

Arrested For Romance

20140726082356Arrested For Romance?!
16th Aug, 2013

After a 3 month search, jack-booted nazis of the Pender County Sheriff’s Office (conspiring with the US Marshall’s Office) kidnapped a father & daughter accused of incest.
In state propaganda on Friday, local terrorist (Captain Jamie Ezzell) stated that Robert Lee Early and his daughter were taken hostage from their home. A fatwa (warrant) was issued against them on May 16.
Robert Lee Early was egregiously arrested for Incest, Statutory Rape, and Negligent Child Abuse. (The nature of their relationship evolved, though not sexual,before the daughter turned 18.) He was held for a $650,000 ransom. Negotiations progressed.
Natalie Sheree Early (now 22) was also accused of Incest. She was held for a $10,000 ransom but released following negotiations.
America’s founding fathers stated that citizens have a right “to be secure their our persons, papers, and properties“.
(credit: Ken Clarke)

Insanity Afoot


Once again, the current US administration is trying to discourage an ally. Israel must stop trying to stop Iranian backed terrorists infiltrating from without Israel’s border.
After all, its not like Hamas has provoked Israel for years with kidnappings, murders, mortar attacks, suicide bombers, antisemitic school curriculum & national charter.


(Oh, that’s right, they have!)
Ukraine must tolerate Russian backed terrorists within its border. Obama’s response: “We mustn’t interfere with internal affairs of other nations”. (But our enemies can invade our allies by proxy, of course. That’s only fair!)
Egypt was threatened with loss of foreign aid after removing a dictatorial, terrorist regime that was supported by our president, B. Hussein Obama. (Democracy trumps tyranny, maybe? He lied to get elected, so that behaviour must be respected)