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Insanity Afoot


Once again, the current US administration is trying to discourage an ally. Israel must stop trying to stop Iranian backed terrorists infiltrating from without Israel’s border.
After all, its not like Hamas has provoked Israel for years with kidnappings, murders, mortar attacks, suicide bombers, antisemitic school curriculum & national charter.


(Oh, that’s right, they have!)
Ukraine must tolerate Russian backed terrorists within its border. Obama’s response: “We mustn’t interfere with internal affairs of other nations”. (But our enemies can invade our allies by proxy, of course. That’s only fair!)
Egypt was threatened with loss of foreign aid after removing a dictatorial, terrorist regime that was supported by our president, B. Hussein Obama. (Democracy trumps tyranny, maybe? He lied to get elected, so that behaviour must be respected)


Change! Hope? WITHIGO

I’m so glad our troops are home, terrorism is over, free speech & civil rights have been restored (because Bush’s “Patriot Act” was repealed), the ACA (Obama Care) covers more people (e.g. @ lower premiums & deductibles), and college tuition, consumer prices, taxes, national debt, & unemployment are down!
Oh, wait a min’… they’re NOT!!
Thank you, Obamacrats!!!