I thought my wedding day was my fondest memory. Then came my first child. Others followed but then I was busy climbing the corporate ladder. Still, I remember consoling my younger son when his team lost big games. I remember how proud I was of my daughters when they both made the honour roll @ school.
I was proud of my son. He was injured by an IED while serving in Iraq. Yet his down time gave us time to talk & bond like nothing else in years. I taught him chess but he must be cheating because I can’t seem to win anymore!
My grandchildren are gifts from God. My heart beat a little faster when they would  visit mamaw & me. Joy fulfilled.
I now miss the love of my life. It’s not because she’s deceased, nor because we were always the perfect couple or never fought or argued. We did.
No, I miss her because I let her walk away all those years ago. And all those great memories I related a fore never happened.
Have you broken up with your lover? Don’t end up like me. Chase them to the end of the earth, lay aside everything in your world…Let them know that’s what your willing to pay, give up, leave behind for them…just to be by their side!
Don’t regret what you’ve missed out on later like I have. Make those memories happen. The future depends on you.


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