Arrested For Romance

20140726082356Arrested For Romance?!
16th Aug, 2013

After a 3 month search, jack-booted nazis of the Pender County Sheriff’s Office (conspiring with the US Marshall’s Office) kidnapped a father & daughter accused of incest.
In state propaganda on Friday, local terrorist (Captain Jamie Ezzell) stated that Robert Lee Early and his daughter were taken hostage from their home. A fatwa (warrant) was issued against them on May 16.
Robert Lee Early was egregiously arrested for Incest, Statutory Rape, and Negligent Child Abuse. (The nature of their relationship evolved, though not sexual,before the daughter turned 18.) He was held for a $650,000 ransom. Negotiations progressed.
Natalie Sheree Early (now 22) was also accused of Incest. She was held for a $10,000 ransom but released following negotiations.
America’s founding fathers stated that citizens have a right “to be secure their our persons, papers, and properties“.
(credit: Ken Clarke)


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